Mr & Ms Canada South Asia Beauty & Talent Contest 2019



Founders of Mr & Ms Canada South Asia, Destination WEDsite seek to encourage the South Asian community's youth to come forward and showcase their skills while getting to know oneself and build a stronger self confidence. 


2nd Edition

Our Queen & King of 2018

What's better than getting all the communities to come together and encourage the youth to get over their fears of stage fright or even enhance their public speaking skills by participating in such contests! Being the first South Asian beauty contest in Montreal, MMCSA thrives to encourage not only outer, but also inner beauty. Our judges are carefully particular about finding the perfect candidate that would best represent the wonderful South Asian community one year after another! 

Though this contest takes place in Montreal, Quebec, it is open to contestants from entire Canada! 

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As exciting as it may sound, the journey is the best memory towards a destination. We want to make your journey towards winning the crown the most memorable! Get in touch with one of our representatives today to get more information on how to register for this event and start preparing in advance to be your best on stage! 

We are thankful to our volunteers, partners, designers, and hoteliers for working with us towards making this event a success. In partnership with Skyways Aviation, Destination WEDsite looks forward to welcoming you to the most prestigious South Asian award contest of the year: MMCSA!